| If you had the looks to be a hot stripper and you didnt know how to start your career making thousands every weekend then you have selected the perfect page, our SAN DIEGO training center will guide you from start to finish by getting you trained by one of our male or female exotic dancers on a friday or saturday evening because these nights are the busiest and easiest to get you the most experience in one night. The very next weekend if you feel your ready then we can send you off by yourself or at a two dancer show so you can still have some hands on training.

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| If you think you can handle the crazy stripper night life, money, fame, and wild sexy attention from dancing with our stripper group then go ahead and send us some clear images of yourself either nude, sexy swim wear or some naughty clothing and we always encourage our potential employees that this is a job that requires to be sexy so make sure your pictures are one of a kind and as dirty and sexy as you can be and we wish you good luck here at our san diego employment training center.
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Our Strippers dont just go to SAN DIEGO we go all over the state and travel miles every weekend.
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